I have been travelling for leisure since I was a very small child - one of my earliest memories is of a flight to Florida to visit my grandmother and go to Disney world - a flight that went somewhat awry and led to me obtaining a special toiletries kit that became a favored magical plaything for years.

My first trip abroad took me in the company of my generous father to England at the age of 17 (unusual for an American of that age to have a passport, let alone to cross an ocean...), and a few monthly later, I returned to Europe, this time going to France and Spain with my French and Spanish classes. Soon I was studying abroad in various countries in Europe, and a short time later I immigrated to Germany and started a new life there as a translator

In the meantime, I have traveled the globe by both plane and ship; I have experienced first-hand the vast diversity of cultures that the world has to offer; I have witnessed how poverty in one country is affluence in another. I travel to feel more connected to my fellow humans, to the rich history we all share at some level. To experience the beauty of other places, whether aesthetic, culinary, musical, philosophical, or sartorial. And I hope to share that joy with you, dear Reader.

Stay tuned for more adventures, and in the meanwhile, here is a recent one I had in Germany. Enjoy!

Bamberg Cathedral - Bamberger Dom