I am doubtlessly not the only fashionista who works best under pressure. Tight deadlines drive me in ways I somehow cannot necessarily drive myself.

Enter the gorgeous custom-made buckle and strap end that I purchased from Armour & Castings in the Ukraine, intended to create a beautiful wide belt of the sort worn by grand ladies such as Mary of Burgundy and Margaret of York. But I had never made any sort of belt before, let alone one covered in expensive silk damask and "harnyssed" in gilt fittings.

Also, I decided that I needed this belt in time for our port call in Bruges during our 26-Day Queen Victoria cruise. Which meant we would be crafting the belt on board, while trying to enjoy the pleasures of our voyage such as dancing in a ballrom! Which led to all sorts of shenanigans and improvisation!

So here is part one of the creative process that went into making this belt, complete with a bit of history, my (in)famous cheeky commentary and documentation that goes beyond the visual record. Enjoy!