When I was a teenager, I attended a medieval ball at a massive 10,000-person medievalist event known as Pennsic. I had some skill at medieval ballroom dance, but not much. The master of ceremonies called a dance of which I had no knowledge, and so I placed myself on a bench to signal that I was not eligible for this particular piece. But despite that, a mature knight with some light gray in his beard approached me and invited me to the floor in an extremely courteous manner. I explained my ignorance of the dance, but he insisted that he could guide me through it. And lo, he did just that! That was the first time I danced Rostiboli Gioioso, a highly flirtatious Italian dance from the 15th century of such popularity in the era that it spread across Europe as far north of Scotland and resulted in numrous variations across nearly 100 years. So here is a turbo tutorial, complete with basic footwork, so that you may not find yourself caught quite so flatfooted at your next medieval or Renaissance ball!