Summertime Sichuan Favorites - Bang Bang Chicken!

Learn how to make an amazing cold Sichuan dish, perfect for the heat of the summer!


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Chinese food is so much more than the standard American-Chinese takeout menu. Come learn how to make a delicious cold summertime dish filled with rich flavors - Bang Bang Chicken, a traditional cold platter from the Sichuan Province consisting of noodles, shredded chicken and an amazing sauce certain to please your palate!

NOTE that all dates and times are indicated in Korean Standard Time - please use this calculator to verify your local DATE and TIME. :-)


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The Creative Contessa has a passion for all things creative, from food to arts & crafts to historic tailoring and dance. Descended from generations of cooks who composed their own cookbooks, she learned the culinary arts at her father's knee and has continued to explore the cuisines of the world and the fundamental techniques and history that underlie them