Advanced Medieval Fingerloop Braiding

Learn to make your own trims and lacing, with no equipment required!




$19.99 per person


About this experience

Learn to weave your own trims and lacing, useful for medieval through to modern applications such as decorative clothing trim, dress laces, purse strings, applique embroidery, friendship bracelets, low-slippage hair ribbons, and so much more. All with no equipment but your hands! This class is aimed at people who already have a basic command of the basics of fingerloop braiding.

Alongside discussing the history and cultural context of these braids utilizing entertaining first-hand accounts from the era, we will cover several different beautiful, more complex patterns.

The session shall be recorded and shared with participants, so even if you cannot make the actual class, you can still participate at your leisure! 🙂

Event includes suggested material list, live instruction with feedback and access to class recording - you must provide your own materials.

TIMES ARE GIVEN IN KOREAN STANDARD TIME (that is where I currently am) - use this time converter to help you calculate your own time/date! :-)

CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds will only be given if booking is cancelled within seven days of the event.

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Rachel Lorenz, aka the Contessa, has been fascinated by medieval and Renaissance life since she was old enough to put on an old lace tablecloth and make-pretend "the olden days". Since then, she has traveled the world studying extant medieval garments, medieval art and academic publications on medieval fashion, leaving a trail of slaughtered fabric in the wake of creative historical fashion exploration.