Make your own Medieval "Milkmaid" Coif!

Learn to make the most fetching, yet simple headwear for ladies in the late Middle Ages - the "winged" coif!




$39.99 per person


About this experience

This three-day workshop will provide step-by-step, hands-on guidance in making your own hand-sewn linen coif, like the ones featured in so many delightful 15th century manuscripts. The class will cover everything you need to know, from taking measurements to laying out your fabric and cutting, from the required stitches to the techniques of handsewing. In addition to the step-by-step guidance, you will receive a digital handout with the written instructions plus the pattern. You will also have access to the recording of the workshop to rewatch and review as needed (especially if you cannot make the sessions on the specific dates). You must provide your own materials and tools.

Required Tools and materials:
White/natural sewing thread, silk or linen is best, cotton will do
2 yards of white, medium-weight linen, at least 45 inches wide
Hand sewing needles, small to medium
Good fabric scissors
A yard/meter stick
Measuring tape
Chalk or pencil

If the event cost is a limiting factor, please reach out to me and we can arrange something. I believe that joy in creativity and learning is for everyone, not just those with ample financial means!

NOTE: Event times are currently given in Korean Standard Time. Please use this converter to check your local date/time. :-)

CANCELLATION POLICY: To receive a refund, participants must cancel within seven full days prior to their event start time. All classes will be recorded and shared with participants, so even if you miss a class, you can make it up at your leisure!

Your Host

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Rachel Lorenz, aka the Contessa, has been fascinated by medieval and Renaissance life since she was old enough to put on an old lace tablecloth and make-pretend "the olden days". Since then, she has traveled the world studying extant medieval garments, medieval art and academic publications on medieval fashion, leaving a trail of slaughtered fabric in the wake of creative historical fashion exploration.