Zoom 20s/30s Solo Charleston - Beginner

It's the 20s again, so come and try this fun dance from a roaring era - no partner required!




$29.99 per person


50min  –  53min

About this experience

The Charleston is an energetic, sassy counter-culture dance that originated from the Juba, a dance of the African American community in Charleston, South Carolina. Danced to infectiously powerful jazz music of the Jazz Era, it involves fun footwork, kicking and all-out joy - and makes for a great workout! So come, get your sweat on, and learn this piece of America's history of diversity!
No dance experience necessary - come and give something new a try!

Video of advanced (earlier on) and beginner (later in video) Charleston here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P96axzkWnNY&list=RDP96axzkWnNY&index=1

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Rachel Lorenz grew up thinking she hated dance thanks to a nasty incident involving the electric slide in middle school gym, but later discovered swing dance and realized she had been missing out on a beautiful world! She has since pursued a plethora of vintage dances from the great jazz era, from Peabody and Charleston, to lindy hop and Balboa and now loves sharing her joy with others!