Before the era of social media, dance used to be the only way in which strangers could engage, flirt and perhaps even court in a socially acceptable environment. Especially in the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe.

One of the key skills of medieval & Renaissance dance is memory, meaning to remember the steps in the prescribed order. For a few lucky people with perfect recall, they need only learn a dance once and be able to execute with perfection every time.


For us mere mortals, though, we need to practice, practice, practice. I have thus put together this compilation of dance practice videos for four dances. Aimed at people who have already learned the dance but just want to drill it through, this video provides called instruction for four dances: Lybens Dysonis, Rostiboli Gioioso, Petite Rose, and Amoroso. A great way to get into gear for the upcoming season of medieval and Renaissance balls and revels! And - don't forget to practice flirting while you are at it! 


p.s. filmed in the Renaissance garden of Changdeok Palace, in Seoul!